Walk down the aisle in style with the most beautiful music, provided by Sydney’s finest musicians

In a typical wedding ceremony, the musicians play your selection of classical/jazz/pop music:

  • Pre-service music (15 minutes prior to the ceremony while guests are arriving) 
  • Processional (Bridal entry)  
  • Signing of the register (and accompanying photos) 
  • Recessional (Bride and Groom exit) 
  • Post-service music (10 minutes after the ceremony as you are being congratulated and guests depart) 

Some ceremonies also include ring warming rituals, or the offering of communion – these are also good moments for your choice of music!

Musicians are also available for background music before and/or during receptions.

Our most popular groups include:

  • Mondiale Duo (violin and cello)
  • Mondiale Trio (2 violins and cello)
  • Mondiale Quartet (2 violins , viola and cello)
  • Mondiale Chamber Orchestra (4 violins , 2 violas and 2 cellos)
  • Strelitzia Duo* (cello and piano , or violin and piano)
  • Streltizia Trio* (violin , cello and piano)
  • Guivio Duo (violin and guitar)

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The combinations listed above are not the only combinations.. we can add other musicians at your request (eg singer, flautist, harp etc). 

For prices, repertoire, music samples and inquiries, please contact us.

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